Flowers Theme - Bottom Deep Wrap

You can easily make your hive bodies look like custom painted pieces of art. This Fleur Flowers Theme for Deep boxes is a bright and colorful design to place on your lower deep boxes of your hive.

Self adhesive premium 3M vinyl and our custom design allows you to have  works of art in your Apiary easily and quickly.  

This Graphic Kit will fit both, 8 and 10 Frame Langstroth Style Hive Bodies.

This product includes:

  • 2 - Side panels measuring 20.5" X 10" 
  • 1 - Back panel measuring 18" X 10"
  • 1 - Front panel measuring 18" X 10"

A note about these sizes.

    Not included:

    • Hive box, assembly hardware, or bees 


    Easily installed with easy to follow instructions provided.  Also see our Bee Box Wrap Installation Instructions Video Page.

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    Category: Deep

    Type: Wraps for Deeps

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