What is a Bee Box Wrap?

For years, in the graphics industry we have seen graphics applied to many different items. Cars, Trucks, Trains, the list goes on and on. As manufacturers have evolved the technology of adhesive vinyl production the products have become better and better. Graphics producers have been able to expand the list of items we are able to apply graphics onto.

With BeeBoxWraps™. We have been able to combine our years of graphics production knowledge with our love of beekeeping. After all, when you run a company that wraps things every day you tend to think of things to wrap! It was only natural to begin to think of ways to apply the wrap concept to a bee hive body.

So what is a Bee Box Wrap?

Simple, it's sheets of self adhesive vinyl, digitally printed with a colorful design and laminated with a UV protectant laminate. Designed and trimmed to fit most common size Langstroth honey bee hive boxes. 

Colorful designs and interesting patterns make any apiary or bee yard a happier place to be.

We use only vinyl and laminates manufactured by 3M the leader in adhesive and graphics vinyl production. So you know the product is top quality. 

We don't make any claims that the wraps will protect hive bodies, it may or may not. That is not the idea. The idea is to bee-u-ti-fy bee yards around the world with cool designs and great looking bee box wraps.

We Have More Coming Soon...

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